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Marla Brooks

"Psychic Viewpoint" February 10, 2011

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Marla Brooks is a radio show host, paranormal investigator, author, tarot reader and, a witch.

As a child, she often heard stories about her great grandmother Sophie who was a well known sorceress in the European village where she lived. Before Sophie died, she tried to pass her powers down to her eldest daughter, (who Marla was named after) but her daughter declined. Apparently heredity skipped a generation or two and Sophie’s powers were passed down the bloodline and Marla has been a practicing witch for as long as she can remember.

Living in Hollywood, CA is a wondrous thing and Marla has lived there all her life. She has never lived in a house that wasn’t haunted and her current residence is a Mecca for spirits, both those who are permanent residents and visitors who pop in and out from time to time.

While she’s been in contact with those on the other side all of her life, she didn’t start writing about the paranormal until just a few years ago when she was approached by Schiffer Books to do a series of books on the ghosts of Hollywood and include many of the spookiest haunts in town.

The books necessitated some hands on investigations, so together with psychic medium and fellow witch with Victoria Gross, paranormal investigator and videographer Barry Conrad and Hollywood historian Scott Michaels, they’ve been out haunting Hollywood for the past couple of years.

For more information or to make contact with Marla, please visit her website at

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