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Vimala Rodgers

"Psychic Viewpoint" May 26, 2011

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A zealous pioneer in mind/hand research and author of the bestseller Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life, Vimala Rodgers is an educator, handwriting expert, and Master Alphabetician, whose focus is the inherent spirituality of the letters of the alphabet and their effect upon the psyche. She has offered hundreds of presentations to such diverse groups as Boards of Education; the Philosophical Research Society; staff, faculty, & students at both Stanford University and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology; American Mensa; the National Health Federation; the Esalen Institute; psychiatrists at Kaiser Permanente Hospital; and spiritual groups of countless denominations–to name but a few.

Trained at Stanford University as a Peak Performance Coach, Rodgers works with individuals and groups who want to redefine their life work and reshape their future.

She is the Director of the International Institute of Handwriting Studies (IIHS) Vimala has shaped her career into one of service by combining her extensive background in linguistics, philosophy, mathematics, and psychology with her training as a Peak Performance Coach at Stanford University. She works with individuals and groups who are determined to redefine their life work and create a dazzling future doing what they love.

"My life is dedicated to guiding people in transforming their lives through adopting self-affirming handwriting patterns. Primarily it's for you-- but it's also for me.

For more information or to make contact with Vimala please visit her website at Click Here

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