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Troy Griffin

"Psychic Viewpoint" January 15h, 2015

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Born to a military family in 1965, Troy grew up on a small island in Washington State, which he found to be mystical and spiritual, through the moving waves of the ocean and rolling fog that would surround the island.

At the age of 12, Troy was attending his sixth grade camping trip located on Orcas Island Washington where he felt spiritually connected and knew that he had the gift of intuition.

At 17, Troy met other intuitive people that helped him learn more about his own gifts and how other intuitives use their gifts. At the age of 18, Troy's mother-from-another mother in Los Angeles, CA would quietly give him books on psychic abilities and encourage him how to develop his own.

Only using his intuition with close friends, or being asked privately, would Troy tune into his gifts helping others with moving forward and closure. Not until years later when Troy had a chance encounter at an old friends gift shop, he was introduced to another medium that was working a cold case murder out of New York. Troy was asked if he was intuitive to which he replied “yes.” The two mediums discussed the case and the only information that Troy was given was that it was a cold case murder in Bronx NY and that police detectives were working it. With this information, Troy validated what the investigating medium knew about the case through police records and other sources. With the true accuracy that Troy was able to provide, he realized that he did something good and was truly able to help, thus giving him confirmation that he truly had gifts from GOD and that he was bestowed these gifts to help others around the world. Troy is the founder of North American Psychic Investigations, a volunteer group of intuitives working on missing person(s), cold case(s), and unsolved murder(s) nationally.

Along with Troy's intuitive work he also uses his gifts in his life coaching practice helping others moving forward with their goals and dreams on a personal, business and spiritual level.

For more info on Troy, please visit his website at



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