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Todd Silva

"Psychic Viewpoint" September 8, 2011

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Todd Silva is a husband, father and businessman. He is an engineer by day and works for a large computer company.

Outside of his family his passion is music. He writes and composes music. He is a singer, plays guitars, harmonica, piano and synthesizer. He calls himself truly a music nut.

Four years ago, he found himself struggling a little bit, financially. Over the course of several prayers and meditations, the idea came to him. The idea was to begin to give away a dollar a day. To give back. To return to God, to the Universe, to All That There Is, the abundance that he was blessed with.

He told a few people about it, and then started sending out an inspirational email every other week.

And that's how Give away a dollar a day got started.

Today there is a website for Give Away a Dollar a Day and a weekly inspiration from Todd. People write in from everywhere telling how this has changed their life.

His music is also available on

For more information about Todd, please visit his web page...



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