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Theresa Richardson

"Psychic Viewpoint"

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My path in this lifetime is that of a teacher and healer on multidimensional levels.

The behavior and application of non-physical energy has been a life long fascination. As a child I had been able to see into the non-physical fairly easily, but with no context within which to understand or respond to those experiences, many of them were pretty frightening. In my early 20ís I began to read about and studied all the new information I could find about the nature of personal and planetary metaphysical reality.

During my 30ís I began to try to harness my "psychic" experiences and was blessed with a couple of really good teachers. I realized that I often felt the feelings of others, and many times was unable to distinguish them from my own. As a child and young adult, this phenomena had greatly influenced my life in ways that were unhealthy. As I learned to create "psychic" boundaries, a very simple process; my whole life changed for the better. After learning to use my psychic abilities in a positive, purposeful way, as opposed to being used by them, I decided I wanted to use those abilities to help others, and began a part-time career doing professional psychic readings.

As a teacher, it was very natural to begin teaching others, and I gave small classes in meditation and developing psychic abilities in my home. The more I learned about energy, and how it applied to people, their behavior and their health, the happier and healthier I became. It was wonderful to teach these principles, and observe how much they helped others.

I studied and experimented with many different tools for energy healing along the way. I learned that most illness starts in the non-physical energy bodies, and that the application of non-physical energy many times helped people get well.

Learning Reiki was a natural progression in this process. For several years I just practiced it on myself, close friends, and family. As I became more interested in healing, I grew more adept at Reiki, and had many wonderful experiences with itís healing energy. I eventually became a Reiki Master, and fell in love with teaching Reiki to others. The nature of Reiki is that it heals on all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Now one of my greatest joys in life is to watch my Reiki students grow, to see them become more self empowered and confident as they master these new healing skills.

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