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Theresa Holleran

"Psychic Viewpoint" August 7th, 2014

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In 1978, Theresa co-authored the Peer Interaction Training Manual, after designing the Peer Interaction Training Program in the Salt Lake City School District, which won the Surety Public Health Award in 1978. She has published articles in Network Magazine and Catalyst Magazine.

Her childhood landscape was the vast ocean of the Southern California coast. Theresa found solace and comfort in that wildness. She would often swim in the dark cold waters across the bay, or body surf the waves as they came crashing to meet the shore. When she was 8 years old, she began her years of sailing solo or crewing for others in a variety of small and large sailing vessels, working with the wind and the currents to find her way. Now she love's to find her way in the wildness of mountain trails, white water rivers, desert canyons, and the mysterious images that visit in her nighttime dreams and active imaginations.

Theresa became a seeker at a very young age, determined to create a life that included an open heart to all that life might present, and a calm center cultivated through self-awareness, and compassion for self and others. She also believes in the healing power of chaos and confusion. This human life, often littered with broken hearts, death and birth, loss and triumph, and terrible and astounding beauty and love, can be messy and unpredictable!

Her life continues to be a stretch between joy and suffering, but she has faith in this soulful journey. By being grateful for all the love, wisdom and guidance that she has received from mentors and teachers along the way, she has a burning desire to “pay this forward”. She is truly blessed, because every day she is with people who have the courage and curiosity to look within in the quest for a more fully realized life."Our wounds and our losses are really the doorway into a life worth living."

Her life is abundant with family, a great community of friends, oil painting, creative writing, dancing, singing, yoga and meditation, service, adventure in wild inner and outer landscapes, and traveling the world.

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