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Susan Norgren

"Psychic Viewpoint" July 22, 2010

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Susan Norgren discerned at an early age that she was not like other children. She didn't know why it was, but she felt and knew things in a different way than the average person does. Often she got pictures of people she didn't know in her head and knew things about them. At some level, she knew she had a special awareness that her friends and family did not seem to have. Susan's unique abilities continued to flourish. Many years later Susan discovered a name for who and what she was.  The label or name most often spoken was "extremely gifted psychic/medium".

Explore the unseen inner and outer universes with Susan Norgren, a natural "Open" Deep Trance Channel, a psychic/medium, animal communicator, and educator . She is an established author and a life-long practitioner of the mystic arts. Susan's ability to receive and transmit messages from the astral dimensions to their earthly destination is astonishing.  Susan's psychic ability has assisted police investigations, hauntings, medical diagnosis and addictions recovery. She is always able to amaze clients with her no-way-she-could-have-known revelations and insights into any situation. 

Susan's after death communication abilities are as strong as her trance channeling and psychic ability.  Easily and clearly she connects with deceased loved ones to deliver the love and messages straight from their hearts and spirits.  Besides being a talented, capable psychic and medium, Susan is spunky and fun.  She makes it interesting and easy to understand.  She offers comfort and direction when life gets painful or confusing.  She is accurate.  She is caring.  She is the real deal in the psychic world.

Susan and her husband, Rob Norgren, deal with paranormal activity on a daily basis. Susan and Rob live in Sedona Arizona. Susan has been a psychic/medium for over 50 years. Her husband Rob is a Shaman. Together they carry the light about all things metaphysical, paranormal and supernatural. Rob and Susan are not afraid of their supernatural and paranormal powers as both of them use them every day of their lives. The metaphysical is their arena to create positive changes for those who are looking for knowledge and guidance.

As an "open" deep trance channel Susan and Rob have a number of friendly universal light beings who assist in guiding them on their spiritual path.  Two of her favorites are Dream Myst and Airiana.  Both beings can identify problems instantly, provide sound suggestions for resolution and can predict the future with incredible accuracy. these beings have never lived in this dimension and yet their abundant energy fills the lives of many with the love energy that surrounds them.

Susan and Rob offer free weekly classes and discussion on just about Anything In The Light! and Living Intuitively Classes with Susan on Tuesdays at 6 pm PST.

Susan has authored a number of books and booklets: In "Lost Pallies", the afterlife has found its voice and now it won't stop talking! By Susan Norgren and co-author Harriette Schwartz. Read this incredible book about how our loved ones CAN communicate with us after their death. Hear TRUE stories of family members, friends and beloved pets who care enough about us to contact us after they have passed away.

"Living Intuitively" by Susan Norgren is available as an e-book, a workbook to help you develop your psychic/intuitive abilities. "Nurturing the Goddess Within" by Susan Norgren is available as an e-book.

If you would like to contact Susan or Rob Norgren, please visit them online at:

For your convenience, we are listing one of Susan's books available at Be sure to pick up one or both of these fascinating books right now to read for yourself or to give as a thoughtful gift.



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