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Steven Broadbent

"Psychic Viewpoint" June 3rd, 2010

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I have been fascinated and committed to animals and wildlife conservations since my primary school days. This naturally lead me to a degree in Biology with honours in Ecology. After commencing in research, initially working in epidemiology with tape worms and roundworms; I moved up the phyla to insects. As a skilled Diving Instructor, I then took a temporary career track, before a serious Industrial Accident, whilst training divers for the North Sea Rigs, lead me to explore our wondrous planet.

This lead to my living in some of the most glorious and unspoilt areas of the planet; the Caribbean, the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, the Mediterranean, French Polynesia, Egypt and eventually Australia. Egypt was a total turning point as I found my spiritual connection, and my path to understanding the Ancient Mysteries started to first clearly unfold. Here I discovered my link to the Pharaoh Akhenaten and his consort, Queen Nefertiti. It would be another twenty years of discovery though before I fully opened my mind to the messages being channelled to me.

During my life I have had the opportunity to explore more than 40 countries, and numerous oceans and seas; visiting many sacred places and incredible areas of natural wonder. Some of the most magical included the Temples of Angkor Wat, where I worked as a consultant; leading a personal expedition into a remote part of the Andean Cloud Forest in Peru, an area unvisited for more than 500 years, to discover remnants of the Chachapoya culture with a local Archaeologist; the Okavango Delta in Botswana; and the mountains and forests around my home in Australia.

As a recognised expert in the field of termites, I have published in several peer reviewed Scientific Journals; and lectured through Asia, the Pacific region, America, Europe and Africa. Thus I have maintained always a balance between my understanding of science, and the reality of the Ancient Mysteries. Perhaps most importantly, I have spent many magical days alone in wilderness areas, feeling that special connection with the Universal One and the Earth Mother. Simply revelling in the energy of creation.

There is a further closeness to The One that is revealed when one faces one's own eternity. Having experienced such on too many occasions for my Mother's comfort, I have been blessed to have seen so much, and had so much unfold in my life. My path has not always been easy, but there has been a continual progression. Always I see the direction of my path revealed; and when I rebel, the Universe confirms for me, sometimes forcefully, the direction I must head. This lead to the guided writing of my best-selling book, Your Sacred Path from the Dancers to the Dance & the Secret Within You,



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