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Steve Frampton

"Psychic Viewpoint" March 13th, 2014

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Steve's greatest passion is helping people to understand themselves, overcome their challenges in life, and identify their purpose. This unique approach empowers people to define their dreams and create the future. He insists that together we hold the key to transforming our world. Born a medium, Steve combines empowering intuitive guidance with inspiring evidence from loved ones that have transitioned to the spirit world. He is a Hermetic Astrologer and avid believer in our ability to actively magnetize and create what we desire in life. Steve is passionate about the application of metaphysical insight to real world problems and intends to publish further books proving that metaphysics can be used to understand, predict, and prevent traumatic events in society and the lives of individuals. Steve holds a summa cum laude dual first class honors degree in business and linguistics from the University of Keele, England and Rouen Business School, France. He speaks French, Spanish, and English fluently. He spent 18 years working within multinational corporations in retail category management, strategy, international supply chain, global procurement, finance, outsourcing, corporate communications, and change management. Originally from Great Britain, Steve relocated to the USA in 2008.

Steve believes passionately that we are each born with a unique blueprint reflecting our innate talent and inborn opportunity to make the world a better place. How? Through profound self-discovery using conventional and metaphysical tools that get to the core of who we truly are our divine essence. Steve maintains that understanding our essence, as well as the energies surrounding past, current, and future circumstances, enables us to better navigate life; unleash our gifts; identify opportunities; become our very best selves; and create quantum shifts. He insists that together we hold the key to transforming our world. Steve began giving readings and public demonstrations of mediumship at an early age. He continues to use his gifts to offer evidence of life after death at public events around the world and in one to one sittings. His clients range from television presenters to university professors, psychologists, lawyers, politicians, and global corporate leaders. Steve is also a co-host on the Psychic Access Talk Radio show.

As a child, Steve frequently communicated with visitors from the spirit realm. Having the ability to both hear and see Spirit, he had trouble distinguishing them from everyday people. Fortunately, he has a spirit guide named Arthur who helps him navigate between the two worlds.

In his early twenties, Steve was involved in a serious accident triggering a near death experience that changed his life forever. He recalls being surrounded by family members, spirit guides, and an overwhelming sense of love, peace, and abundance. His guides offered him the choice of remaining in the spirit world or returning to continue his existing lifetime. He made the decision to stay and pursue his work. Since that time, Steve has experienced increased telepathy along with strong premonitions.

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