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Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble, C. Ht.

"Psychic Viewpoint" January 1st, 2015

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Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble is a Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. Through Past Life and Life Between Lives sessions, he has guided hundreds of clients to a deeper understanding of their immortal identity, their current life's mission, and the continuity of their soul's existence and growth.

An evolution beyond Past Life Regression, a Life Between Lives (LBL) session allows a person to transcend their present lifetime and personality, and to connect with their soul or essence. Clients are encouraged to bring a list of their own personal questions to their sessions, as direct spiritual guidance is usually available during this sacred spirit quest experience.

In 1996, while haunting the metaphysics section in a local library, Scott stumbled across Dr. Michael Newton's groundbreaking new work, "Journey of Souls." Reading about Newton's discoveries of Soul Groups, Councils of Elders, and Life Selection rooms, he was mesmerized. Familiar as Scott was with metaphysics and spirituality, this was something very different. It went way beyond reincarnation, reaching ‘between' our earthly lives, into our rich and beautiful spiritual existence as souls.

A few years later, after Scott became a hypnotherapist, he heard through an internet group that Dr. Newton had started to train qualified therapists in his LBL techniques. In a fateful coincidence, that year's training was to occur in just a few weeks, within 50 miles of Scott's home. Opportunity was knocking; in fact, somebody up there was tapping him on the shoulder! When he first beheld Newton's book in the library, little did Scott know he would ultimately meet Dr. Newton, train with him in LBL hypnotherapy, work for Newton's organization for several years, and facilitate his own LBL sessions with hundreds of clients.

Scott continues to focus on Life Between Lives and Past Life Regression in his private practice. In recent years he has teamed with film director and author Richard Martini to film and share transcripts of over a dozen LBL sessions; these are documented in Martini's film/book "Flipside," and his new books "It's a Wonderful Afterlife," Vols. I and II. Scott also enjoys traveling to speak to spiritual groups, to guide Group Past Life Regression sessions, and to guide blocks of private LBL sessions.

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