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Robert Pease

"Psychic Viewpoint" October 4, 2012

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My journey was evident from a very young age. I was considered sensitive by my mother, which afforded me special treatment. I didn’t fair well with other children, because I preferred to be alone, in my own world singing and talking to myself. I did mostly not choose to speak until I was the age of three. Since that moment my once concerned family who thought I would never talk, could not seem to shut me up! I know this to be true. My whole life I have heard an inner voice urging me to speak and spread the knowledge I have held within.

In my teen years I spent hours visiting the museum of fine arts or the zoo. Two places I felt safe and joyful. I could talk to myself, to the trees, to the animals and listen to what they were telling me. Even the paintings in the museum talked to me.

My first enormous revelation as a young adult occurred when I went to see the paintings, jewelry and artifacts of Salvador Dali. His imagination sparked something inside of my being. I heard a voice say to me, "Nothing is what it seems."

From that moment my inner voice became a seamless song and I began to truly acknowledge the amazement of life. I spent seventeen years traveling around the world and in that journey I never discovered anything ordinary. I marvel at the diversity in life and the joy of the adventure of living.

I have spent my life dedicated to awareness. I never once thought it was my part to be like anyone else, life is a journey and unique for us all.

In my thirties I was involved in a catastrophic accident that would forever change my life. After a near death experience I became aware that the only thing that happens when we die, we stop breathing. Nothing else changes, whatever consciousness I have here I take with me through the looking glass. It became evident that my journey is to discover deeper levels of awareness; being-ness is all we are here to achieve. Everything else is temporary and changes.

I have amassed several credentials and huge amounts of knowledge on my journey and what I have discovered about my "story" I call "my life" is it has served my mind well, but the mind is not the Heart and the Heart is where I have discovered Love in the being-ness. I now choose to be in the "being-ness" observing the "doing-ness" of life, energy in and energy out.

My gifts are entrusted to me by Universal Life. I was asked at an early age if I would participate with the shift and received information daily to connect with the Higher Self to share the messages that will enable you to connect to the One Higher Love in this climate of change. I gladly accepted and I hope you will too.

For more information or to make contact with Robert Pease, please visit his website at

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