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Robert Bradley

"Psychic Viewpoint"

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Robert Bradley has been fascinated with the Native teachings even as a young child. He has always lived close to the earth and it wasnít until he was a little older that it was disclosed to him that his great grandmother was actually a half blooded Native from Pontiac Michigan. It didnít really surprise him at all.

Robert learned how to make hand sewn leather moccasins and has never looked back. He studied under a Native Elder for several years who taught him the art of drum making as well as other Native traditions and teachings.

Robert hosts drum circles and teaches drum making and other classes dealing with Native Traditions. He also hosts sweat lodges in his area.

Robert brings with him a wealth of information in the Native Traditions and teachings and loves to share them with whomever he meets.

Robert was a Sergeant in the Canadian Army for many years and was in several movies. Robert was in the original movie Police Academy as military and another movie called Chasing Rainbows.

He is an avid runner (with many Marathon under his belt and many more planned) so his Native name that was given to him well before the time of his running is the perfect name for him.

Robert has been on The Alva Show several times and is a frequent guest on internet radio shows to talk about Native Teachings.

In his popular Native Stone Readings he uses stones that he hand crafted himself as well as his intuitive abilities.



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