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Nick Polizzi

"Psychic Viewpoint"

10/25/2012:  Listen (left click)    Download (right click/save)

As a filmmaker, producer and storyteller Nick has traveled to many of the earth's most spiritually-enriching enclaves, and although he would never part ways entirely with modern, rational, scientific medicine -- he has witnessed the immense power of indigenous and native medicine too many times to give up on it. He remains convinced that all of us can improve the quality of our lives by following some important (yet doable) lifestyle changes and through cultivating a deeper respect for traditional pathways to health.

The documentary he has labored on so lovingly,The Sacred Science, demonstrates the profound effectiveness of alternative medical practices tracked through the treatment and healing of eight test subjects with serious maladies. The film has garnered widespread critical acclaim since its release in 2011.

Mr. Pollizzi combines his knowledge of fitness, Andean and Amazonian healing practices and filmmaking to produce The Sacred Science as an aid to understanding. Since alternative healing methods rely on the vitality of the Amazon, it's his mission to raise awareness regarding the criticality of that region's health, and our role and responsibility in maintaining it.

Nick feels that it's time to evaluate another model of health and medicine, a model of healthcare that does not see the human body in purely mechanistic terms, as a machine. It is his knowledge of the esoteric and metaphysical principles at the roots of Western medicine that permit him to shape an alternative healing model that is more holistic and possibly more effective.

The key to his success is that he sees everything as being scientific. According to him, it's all science -- both the material and the spiritual. Nick feels as if it is his personal mission to bring us back, as a society, to that point in our evolution where Western medicine grew close-minded and rigidly orthodox, so that we can reverse that close-mindedness and proceed more correctly along the path to mass health. He wants to open our minds to the possibility that spiritual solutions for material problems exist, and he seeks to restore to science that playful, curious, eager-to-eperiment attitude it once held toward the Unknown.

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