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Dr. Neala Peake

"Psychic Viewpoint" September 4th, 2014

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I have always been fascinated by human consciousness - how the mind works, why we make the decisions we make, why we are all different - so it was not surprising when I decided to become a psychotherapist. Though I also had a strong interest in spirituality, my initial intention was not to blend these two passions. I applied to graduate school, got my Ph.D in psychology, and began a private practice. That might have been the end of the story, except my fascination with spirituality kept me searching and exploring and eventually brought me face to face with the man who would become my Spiritual Teacher. At that point, my life took a very different path eventually leading me to give up my practice and spend six years traveling around the country working with, learning from and teaching with my Teacher.

Over the years of working with my Teacher, I developed my intuitive abilities and learned to work with and read people's subtle energies. Through my empathic abilities, I can feel where a person is blocked and what emotional issues need to be addressed to bring about healing. I learned that our energy fields are perfect mirrors for our psyche's. Using a blend of psychology, meditation and spiritual practice I now help people heal their core wounds and live a more joyous life.

It is an honor to help a person heal and I am grateful for all the experiences that have been part of my training. I love working with groups of people - helping them incorporate spiritual practice, meditation and energy healing into the process of healing their bodies and their psyches and I currently offer monthly workshops in Denver and occasional workshops in other locations. I also offer healing sessions over Skype and phone as well as in person. When not doing my healing work, I am an author and also the editor-in-chief of a comprehensive alternative healing website called:

For more about Neala Peake, please visit her website at

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