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Michael Brill

"Psychic Viewpoint" April 18th, 2013

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Michael has an M.Ed. and has been a Numerologist since 1985. He has over 31 years of combined experiences as an educator and trainer in public and private schools, college, business, and government. This includes ten years experience in the aerospace industry together with two years at NASA.

Michael has written three books, developed a Cosmic Numerology card deck, and a manifestation game. He has appeared on FOX and public television and over 450 radio programs in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Cayman Islands. Since 1985, Michael has developed and practiced a theory that melds the sciences of numerology and quantum physics with the concepts of reincarnation and gematria. He calls it Cosmic Numerology and Quantum Numbers.

As an Awakener, Michael uses Cosmic Numerology and Quantum Numbers to help individuals and businesses clarify their goals and time their actions. His purpose is to provide others with the tools they will need to assure them both professional and social success. As a catalyst, he can help reawaken your Soul to its true destiny and life calling, by helping you remember the divine plan you co-wrote.

His textbook on Cosmic Numerology, Know Your Numbers, Know Your Self: Discovering the Soulutions to Your Life Challenges reveals a step-by-step process for identifying specific soulutions to the challenges, behavior patterns, and core issues you’ve chosen to experience during this lifetime. His second book, Identify Anyone’s Behavior Patterns in Less Then A Minute, offers simple formulas for understanding why people behave the way they do at work, in relationships, and with family. His third book, Numerology for Healing (Destiny Books), identifies the underlying behavior patterns that are the catalysts for 185 illnesses, diseases, and physical injuries. The book also discusses numeric daisy chains and their impact on the human personality matrix.

To quote Michael:

"I sometimes describe myself as a number disguised as a human being. I love the numbers, they’re my passion. Not only do they offer a road map of the Universe, they also present me with a local map for my life allowing me to explore its highways, back roads, detours, delays, and shortcuts. Numerology identifies detours, points of interest, scenic routes, construction sites, and a well marked path to my life’s calling. The numbers allow me to overcome my fears of abandonment by guiding me back to my higher-Self. They assist me in recognizing my uniqueness and my role as a co-creator.

I first became aware of Numerology in 1985 while working in the aerospace industry. My two office mates had resigned and our group needed help. A temporary was hired. One day she mentioned that she was seeing a Numerologist. I asked her what a numerologist did. She said using the letters and numbers that compose your name and birth data, he could tell you about yourself and identify your challenges and their solutions. I said, "Yeah, right!" and blew it off. Two weeks later, I was totally stressed out, I asked for his phone number and called him. I was blown away! I had finally discovered something that could tell me why things happen the way they do, it was numerology. Two decades later, I'm still learning about the mystery and language of numbers."

For more information about Michael Brill, please visit his website at

For your convenience, we are listing Michael's books that are available at Be sure to pick up one or both of these fascinating books right now to read for yourself or to give as a thoughtful gift.



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