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Meg McLaughlin

"Psychic Viewpoint" July 17th, 2014


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Meg McLaughlin is a native Angeleno who has worked as a freelance script writer for animated childrens' television series such as CLIFFORD, THE BIG RED DOG, SPIDERMAN, TRANSFORMERS, and THE INCREDIBLE HULK. As a broke single parent to one beautiful son and unaware that she was seeking a reason to live, she stumbled into the Sum Faht Meditation practice 24 years ago. The practice of Sum Faht (a Cantonese phrase which refers to the divine energies of the heart), which is largely Taoist in origin, involves a blend of sitting in stillness with the spontaneous manifestation of subtle energies in movement, vocalization or talking in tongues, and emotional expression. Meg's involvement in Sum Faht led to transcendant experiences of healing and understanding. The haze of depression lifted as she began to accept life as a process of learning, changing and growing with more grace, gratitude and a maturing sense of purpose.

Meg made a deeper commitment to her journey when she became the initiated student of her Sifu, Leong Tan. Mr. Tan is a spiritual teacher and channel from the Chinese community in Malaysia who has spent the greater part of his life studying the spiritual and martial arts as practiced in Asia. Meg has traveled with Mr. Tan for more than 15 years and studied his unique blend of Eastern disciplines and work with the use of subtle energies in healing the mind, body and spirit and the development of intuition. He also taught her how to connect with and channel the divine essence of Kwan Yin, the Bodhisattva or Goddess of Compassion.

Meg is on a life-long journey to cultivate a compassionate and charitable heart and understands that as she teaches she learns. Her mission is to bring transformational personal experience, both mystical and mundane to people who wish to connect more deeply with their higher selves, open their hearts, learn to love and heal themselves and others, and uncover the gifts of their own innate divinity. With her instructive experience, intuition, healing ability and the compassionate guidance and divine energy of Kwan Yin, Meg offers weekend workshops, 5, 7 and 10 day retreats in spiritually significant and energetically powerful natural spaces, and private sessions.

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