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Mary Lomando

"Psychic Viewpoint"

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Mary Lomando, is a Jungian Astrologer and Egyptologist. She has over 20 years’ experience in psychology, metaphysics, and world mythologies. As an archaeo-astrologer, her areas of expertise are ancient Egypt and Peru. A reading with Mary will help clarify your soul's purpose by focusing on karmic relationship patterns, past life experiences and talents, and future potential inherent in the birth chart. Combining both astrological vision and intuitive guidance, she is able to facilitate and guide your personal transformation. Mary has lived and worked in Egypt, where she received her degree in Egyptology. She currently leads trips to Egypt and Peru and is researching the archaeological and astronomical connections between these two ancient civilizations. She began PachaTerra Travel as way to share her love of sacred site travel and Mother Earth with like-minded individuals.

Mary holds a BA in Psychology from Temple University, an MA in Art History from NYU, and a BA in Egyptology from the American University in Cairo, where she first became involved in Egyptology in 1991. She studied Astrology with Liz Green in London and Oxford at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in the late 1980's. She has been a Jungian Astrologer (incorporating the counseling and dream work teachings of Carl Jung) for 30 years. In addition to the trips and astrology work, she teaches classes on various metaphysical subjects: Egyptian Goddess Path, Karmic Astrology, Dream Interpretation.

Since 1995, Mary has specialized in leading groups to Egypt and Peru. Whether exploring the crystal city of Machu Picchu or meditating at the paws of the sphinx, each one of Mary’s trips is individually designed to enhance the sense of spiritual pilgrimage.

For more information about Mary Lomando, please visit his/her website at



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