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Lynn Koiner

"Psychic Viewpoint" September 2, 2010

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Lynn Koiner has been a full-time professional astrologer since June 1969 and a professional member of the American Federation of Astrologers. She had the opportunity to study directly with Ernest Grant, cofounder of the AFA and he was her sponsor into this organization in 1969.

Since 1994, she served as vice president, newsletter editor and president of the National Council for Geocosmic Research, Inc., Baltimore and Annapolis chapters.

She was a contributing author in Noel Tyl’s ASTROLOGY’S SPECIAL MEASUREMENTS. This material, as well as many other articles, can be downloaded free at her website listed below.

Lynn offers a free monthly astrology column and other articles that can be obtained by writing to her at email address below. Medical Questions can be asked free of charge at

Since the 1970s, Lynn has been examining the psychological patterns shown in the horoscope as connected with specific diseases. The philosophy being that correcting a problematic personality characteristic can impact recovery or prevent onset. The first disease research was Blood Sugar Disorders and some of this research was published in the Tyl book. Subsequent areas of research have been Auto-Immune, Alzheimers, Respiratory, Skin, Addiction (obesity), Diseases of Aging, Stress and Inflammation.

In 2000 and 2003, Lynn received the Sims Pounds Jr. Award for Best Conference Speaker from the American Federation of Astrologers for her research lectures on medical astrology and Weight Loss and the Transformational Process. In 2002, Lynn lectured to an audience of doctors at Sentara Hospital in Norfolk Virginia on her medical research.

Since 1999, Lynn has been working and consulting with members of the scientific community (medical doctors, psychologists, physicists and astronomers). There has been a lot of research conducted in the realm of traditional science that can be incorporated into my astrological studies. The Society for Scientific Exploration has been one of the bridging scientific organizations.

Lynn holds Expertise in the following:

  • Medical Astrology and the Psychological Patterns of Disease
  • Weight Loss and the Transformational Process
  • The Septile Aspect and the Multi-Dimensional Experiences – Ghosts
  • UFO sightings and Near Death Experiences
  • Esoteric Astrology using the AABailey Soul’s Purpose Triangle
  • Fixed Stars and the Chakras
  • Beginning and Ending Planets
  • Transpluto
  • Planet X , Eris and the Centaurs
  • Retrogrades – Natal, Transiting and Progressed
  • Solar Max and Human Behavior
  • The Nelson Model and Solar Activity.

For more information about Lynn, please visit her website at



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