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Lisa Maria Lanno

"Psychic Viewpoint" November 18, 2010

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I have been interested in the Paranormal since my teen years. Growing up near Salem, Massachusetts, it was easy to get involved in the claims of ghosts, as well as all the other haunted areas of the State. Having one good scare with a ghost at age 17, I decided to try my hand at Tarot as it seemed safer!

I was pretty good at it, and was able to do some remote viewing as well. (Seeing the inside of places that you've never been before). I was also able to see Auras (energy surrounding a person).

I knew I had some abilities; however, in the 60's you couldn't jump on the Internet for info. So, I waited. I read Tarot over the years for friends, and eventually the friends of my children, but was always a bit nervous about connecting with those who had passed (or not passed in the case of that ghost).

After studying Handwriting Analysis (Graphology), I put something together that I call "Tarograph", a combination of Tarot &Graphology.

It wasn't until the unfortunate death of my daughter's friend, Amber, that my abilities as a Medium surfaced, although I'm sure they were always there. Amber helped me realize my calling from The Other Side, and it has grown to be a full time career, along with my Tarot readings. On occasion, I still have the opportunity to analyze handwriting, which is both fun and informative.

I have since conquered my fears and do enjoy a good ghost hunt which often incorporates helping the trapped Spirit to pass to The Other Side.

It is both an honor and privilege to work in this field, and I am grateful each day.

Personal & Work Info

I am the only child in a 1st generation, Italian/American family. My parents were wonderful people, who brought me up with fair, honest values, and good cooking skills! They were born at the turn of the century, Dad served in WWII (Normandy & Europe), and Mom stayed home with me, being very active in anything I was involved in. She reached 96 before she passed to be with my Dad.

After getting married '76, we moved to Hawaii (No, we're not military. I just love Hawaii). 3 children later, we came back to the mainland, settling in Western MA. My oldest daughter and her husband, have blessed me with two Grandsons, (2005 & 2009). My son and lovely girlfriend live nearby, and my "baby" girl lives with me. (Someone has to help me open the garage door!)

I adore animals and enjoy helping fundraisers with my homemade “Puppy Love Cookies”. I have a 125 lb Rottweiler named Thor, who follows me everywhere. My two sweet pups, Happy & Precious went Home to The Other Side in 2009, after long, healthy lives. I’ll always remember how all three took up the whole bed! My daughter’s 3 kitties, Tiki, Elei (E-Lay), & Fat One (yes, that’s his name) keep us entertained with their antics.

I knew I wanted to write and work with the Paranormal since age 17. I studied Handwriting Analysis (Graphology), quite by accident, started practicing with it for fun, then took it to the next level. It's scientific, yet I use my intuition at the same time.

I wrote "The Secret Cave"..."Imagination Station" in 2007 (Juvenile Fiction, Mystery/Adventure), which was inspired years ago by my own children and their sense of adventure along with their vivid imaginations.

For more information about Lisa, please visit her website at

For your convenience, we are listing Lisa's book that is available at Be sure to pick up this fascinating book right now to read for yourself or to give as a thoughtful gift.



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