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Leila Briggs

"Psychic Viewpoint" December 11th, 2014

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From a very young age Leila was able to recall past and future incarnations, timelines, and other dimensions. She also easily accessed and reported from the Akashic Records. By age ten, she was very adept at shamanic journeying seeing the energetic ripple effects of life events. In her early twenties, Leila began formal training as a Light Worker and healer.

She has dedicated her career to assisting, teaching, and healing others and the Earth with her Akashic knowledge and wisdom. She passionately dedicates her time to ensuring intuitively gifted children and their families have the support and knowledge required to move forward in a confident and healthy life.

Leila is a certified Healing Touch Apprentice offering readings and healing by appointment. She teaches ‘Grounding & Protection for the Gifted Individual’ and co-teaches "Indigo Perspective: A Mother & Daughter Journey" and "Healing the Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit" with her mother, Patricia Briggs. Leila consults for LightSeekers Paranormal Resolutions (formerly Crossroads) and the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association. She travels the world performing energy work for individuals and locations in a life committed to service and spirit.

As a child, Leila was a natural channel, seeing and conversing with what some call "invisible friends." She and her family learned more about spirit and her ability to connect to other planes of existence on a daily basis. As Leila matured, she decided to dedicate her life and career to channeling, healing, and guiding others through the magic and mystery of other dimensions.

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