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Leiah Bowden

"Psychic Viewpoint" March 22nd, 2012

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As award-winning author and creativity mentor, Jan Phillips, says, “She is a master at paying attention, moving into the inner realms, and recording all the fire and light that our limited vision keeps us from. Leiah is a true visionary, in every sense of the word.”

She accesses a realm where our souls are unveiled, and from within a light trance state, creates radiant Energy Portraits of the flow of energy through and around beings in pastels as commissioned works of art and healing tools. Each Energy Portrait comes with spoken, sung, and chanted guidance from the subject's and Leiah's higher Self, angelic beings, and off-planet intelligence. Leiah is also an animal communicator, and is listed in Penelope Smith’s directory of animal communicators. One of her specialties is tuning into animals’ concepts of themselves and thereby helping their human partners offer training and work opportunities that help the animal fulfill its mission.

Leiah served for several years as a professional group facilitator in the non-profit sector, and in addition to creating her Energy Portraits, she offers workshops and classes in creating sacred space. Leiah teaches “The Healing, Intuitive Art of Energy Portraiture” as a class in opening to and communicating with multidimensional aspects and beings.

Leiah says, “We are all radiantly beautiful, powerful, multidimensional beings imbued naturally with a capacity for being creators.” For being Creator. We are more than our skin, our memories, our reputation, our thoughts and opinions, and certainly more than what anyone thinks about us. When we let our intuition guide us, we act true to our authentic being, and we proceed along the path we were born to experience.

I encourage the radiance of the divine in the Earth; I mirror to people what they want to love, and the beauty and possibility that their lives can be and already are. I focus the healing force within me for those who ask for it. I create Energy Portraits, intuitive activation tools for personal growth and transformation.

An Energy Portrait, which includes a CD I create of received guidance, singing, and chanting, helps people identify and connect with their soul path, and helps them acknowledge and begin to integrate all of their aspects through the steps they are taking on their spiral journey. People also use Energy Portraits for physical healing. In a session, whether in person or long-distance, I see, hear, and feel your vibratory patterns; I receive guidance for people from the multi-dimensional constellation of their angelic and off-planet aspects; and I record all of this on tape, on paper, and through a healing guided energy release and infusion of healing energy.

I painted my first picture at five years old in colored chalk on a blackboard hung on the wall opposite my bed. Ever so slightly more than fifty years later, I rediscovered the pure joy of smearing dry color across a surface.

I paint intuitively and quickly, so watercolor, pastel, and acrylic are my chosen media.

I offer my vision and whatever ability I have to translate energy into shape and color to the Divine.

I once went with a friend to hear the grand diva, Jessye Norman, sing at a venue so small that we could see the beads of sweat on her forehead without benefit of opera glasses. During intermission, my friend and I turned to each other, awestruck at the Presence that still enveloped us. "What music she creates," I said. "I am barely aware of her - only the music."

“That's because when she sings, she is music, my friend said."

“When I am creating with my wings unfurled, I know that I am art.”

My best work - whether it's creating paintings, essays or meals - is intuitive. I approach a piece knowing that it already exists somewhere, and what I need to do is to allow it to appear. Something flows through me and out my fingers for which I take only the credit for getting out of the way and knowing how to manage the media. In these moments, I am aware that I am in the altered state of consciousness I call Heaven. I hear - and sometimes sing - beautiful melodies; my left hand (I am right-handed) sometimes flutters or waves with the energy of Faery. Sometimes I am aware of unseen observers and guides. Sometimes I receive direct, clear, verbal suggestions to use specific colors, to extend a line here or curve a line there.

The signature I use on my paintings came to me one winter night after artist friends chided me for not signing my name to my artwork. “You need to sign your work” they chorused. I felt that my name interfered with the energy flow the painting expressed. Later that night, as I stood outside on the porch waiting for my dog to return from his errand, I asked All That Is to send me a signature. Immediately I felt and obeyed an urge to lean forward and trace something with my finger in the snow. It was a symbol that felt powerful, grounded, soaring, and mine. And rather than interfering with my work, I feel it seals it the way "Amen" seals a prayer.

For more information about Leiah Bowden, please visit her website at



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