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Kevin Schoeppel

"Psychic Viewpoint" December 5th, 2013

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Kevin Schoeppel was raised in in Southern Baptist churches, and began teaching the Bible in 1992. In 1999 he was ordained as a deacon by Pima Street Baptist Church of Tucson, and in 2006 was elected Adult Education Director of the church. In this position he began writing his own Bible studies for the two classes which he taught there. He began doing public speaking there by filling the church's pulpit regularly on Sunday nights from 2006-2008, and on Sunday mornings in the pastor's absence. He attained intricate knowledge of the scriptures and its history and studied some of the over many different authors - many too numerous to cite - that had written the Bible.

Kevin's interest in psychics began in 1975 when he fell in love with a girl who could predict the future. This relationship sparked his interest in social attitudes towards psychics, as well as in discovering what he could about how psychic ability worked. He married his wife, Stanna—also a psychic—in 1978.

While teaching his adult Bible-study classes in the mid-2000's, paranormal shows such as "Medium" began to appear on television, and his students began to have questions for Kevin on what the Bible says about psychics and mediums. At the same time, as social media emerged on the scene, Kevin began to make friends much more easily with mediums, many of whom were pleasantly surprised at his unconditional acceptance of them, and in return were willing to share their experiences with him.

As Kevin puts it: "The visions seen by the writers over the time the Bible all had a common vision, a common mind, a shared vision. All these writers were writing over many different years, for many different reasons, in many different geographic areas and culture, to impart faith or visions. This amalgamation of history and books were combined, rewritten and translated to obscure or enhance certain messages. Unfortunately, over time many of the messages were lost or reinterpreted."

Encouraged by a student, Kevin set out to articulate his studies in his book. This student had deeply expressed her confusion at being a sensitive whilst still believing in her religion, and this problem became what he had to discuss and express in his book.

Inspired by his own Psychic wife Stanna, encouraged by his own studies of the Bible, catalyzed by his own interest in extra sensory phenomena, Kevin Schoeppel is a well studied and well learned master of biblical history with a naturally inquisitive intelligence that could be well enjoyed and well utilized by anyone wishing to study the history of how any book is written, and how time changes a story and how prophets contributed to the making of a religion, and what indeed defined these prophets, seers and writers.

For more information about Kevin Schoeppel, please visit her website at

For your convenience, we are listing Kevin's book that is available at Be sure to pick up one or more copies of this fascinating book right now to read for yourself or to give as a thoughtful gift.



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