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Kathryn Scott

"Psychic Viewpoint" July 8th, 2010

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Karma is a Sanskrit word that means "action or doing." Karma has commonly been considered as a punishment for past actions that have been bad, but karma is neither judge nor jury. The earth law of Karma is basically connecting us to the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. There is an effect for every intentional or non-intentional action whether is be mental, verbal, or physical. We carry out our intentions of thoughts and actions through the Law of Energy into the world it affects us and those around us on so many levels.

Kathryn Scott is a true believer in the Law of Cause and Effect. This law reigns under the Universal Law of Truth. You have heard the saying, "as a man thinketh, so is he" This is covered under the Law of Truth. She believes that if you believe something then this is your truth. So if you believe or think something about yourself or someone else, this ends up being your truth and then the energy of this belief or thought has an effect on yourself or that someone else. She tells us that we can think ourselves "sick and tired", or we can think ourselves happy and healthy.

We live on a planet that is here to experience opposition, but the world is now coming to the completion of opposition and many are ready for the shift back into harmony with the oneness of all that is. This oneness is Love! Kathy teaches that everything is energy, and you can shift and change this energy. We have lived for generations believing in lack, scarcity, punishment, hatred, anger, resentments, bigotry, fear, and much much more. Kathryn sees the lifetimes and the generational garbage that we all hold. Whether you believe it to be Karma or just the energy of the life lived, it is held somewhere in the body or the field of energy. It is wired into our DNA, into our cells and is one of the great "causes" of "ill"ness and "dis"ease, for we are not at ease in love, but live in the fears. She also teaches that these beliefs and feeling that are your truth are not necessarily the divine truth. So knowing we are out of harmony and aliment with the Creator's divine truth will result in the disharmony of our lives.

Kathryn has the innate ability to connect and know the lifetimes of you and your ancestry, as well as the mass consciousness, which all play a part in our thinking and the way we live our lives. One of the modalities she uses is the Orian Theta Technique. This connects her to the Creator of All that Is, and she asks for the divine truth for you. Using the divine direction of knowing what is out of harmony in your world. From here she works directly with each of the seven Planes of Existence, including the Universal Laws which reside on the 6th Plane. Then she uses her divine gift of sight, and sound to see and hear. She can go into the body and see any part of the body that is sick or out of harmony. She can hear the body, for every part of the body has its own sound and frequency. So looking and asking what is wrong, and why, and when. Discovery is made and so are the changes. Generations of believing negatively, growing up with anger, or discontent. Not feeling loved or cared for, feeling of neglect and rejection can alter our divine knowing of ourselves. By finding and clearing these feeling and beliefs out of the cells, out of the DNA, out of the subconscious and replacing them with the belief and the feelings of Love, kindness, being care for, nurturing, peace, joy, play, forgiveness, understanding, success, (and the list goes on....) it changes the vibrations of the body, it changes the beliefs about oneself, and changes the life from illness to health and happiness.

Kathryn grew up with the Rocky Mountains of Utah as her backdrop of peace. She grew up camping, and that means in a tent, not any of this sissy stuff in a camper!

She has two sons and two daughters, and one beautiful granddaughter. She grew up without a television to "clutter up her mind" she says, and so she read. Hours and hours she and her siblings would listen to her Mom read. It is through her mothers love of always learning that Kathryn gets this intense need for knowledge. So she passed on this joy to her children, and now she thinks they are addicted too! She is also a collector of rock and crystals and stones. They make her happy she says. She also well versed in the properties and the use of Essential Oils and they play a big part in her healing work. She has a very large circle of wonderful friends and co-healers, and plays often, so she cherishes her alone time.

Her psychic abilities play a huge role in her healing work. This is where her passions and her focus lie. Changing the energy and the thoughts and the patterns, and watching cancer dissolve from the body, watching bones heal overnight, watching as colds, flu's, and virus just disappear, having people with back, hip, knee problems walk with out pain, watching as ulcers heal, tumors dissolve, migraines leave, cavities heal up, are just a few of the miracles that Kathryn gets to witness everyday. It is no wonder she is addicted to this work!



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