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John G. Kruth

"Psychic Viewpoint" July 10th, 2014

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John has a Masters of Science in Psychology specializing in research methods and analysis techniques and is using this knowledge to contribute to the research efforts at the Rhine including work on precognition and healing energies. He has worked in large and small organizations as a manager and an operations specialist and is bringing this expertise to the Rhine.

"The Rhine is a community of people dedicated to educating the public and to supporting the advancement of the science of parapsychology. The Rhine has always been the gold standard for scientific research in the field, and now, it has expanded to help develop a community of individuals to support scientists, academics, and those who have anomalous experiences. Through the sharing of experiences with all members of the community, the scientists can focus their efforts on practical applications for their work within the community, and experiencers can gain more knowledge about their experiences and approach them with a clearer understanding of the science."

John G. Kruth has been studying parapsychology informally for over 35 years, and has been a formal member of the Rhine research team since 2009. His research has included studies related to energetic healing methods, bioenergy signatures, out-of-body experiences, qualitative case studies, and mind-matter interaction. He is the founder and Education Director for the Rhine Education Center which offers professional online education opportunities in parapsychology supported by professional parapsychologists around the world. In 2011, he became the Executive Director of the Rhine and has led an initiative to publicize the information provided by the Rhine and to establish a global community of researchers, experiencers, and practitioners who can discuss and study Psi phenomena in a safe and supportive environment. He is a business leader, an educator and a parapsychologist who is one of the lucky people who is truly living his dream.

For more information about John G. Kruth, please visit his website at



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