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Jill Volpe

"Psychic Viewpoint" January 8th, 2015

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Jill Volpe is an energy healer, teacher and spiritual counselor who has studied spiritual principles and metaphysics for over fifteen years. With personal interest and a strong foundation in A Course In Miracles, Jill went on to pursue her Master Teacher certification in traditional Reiki and formal training in Energy Psychology and angel healing. She began teaching and offering services professionally in 2002.

Jill's practice of healing has evolved to blend energy therapy techniques with Reiki, Angelic energies and Golden Isis Sekhmet Secheim. These divinely guided energies can manifest miracles but more often they work on the cellular or soul level to create space for natural healing and balance to occur. Her practice also serves to awaken the divine feminine attributes of love, beauty, and truth, in both men and women, through deep emotional healing of the heart chakra.

As a student of Bach Flower Education, Jill also offers professional consultation on the use of Bach Flower Remedies and prepares custom blended treatment bottles to relieve a variety of conditions.

As a member of the Motherhood of Light and Divine Order Of The Rose, Jill continues to devote herself to planetary healing and ministering the divine feminine principles. This commitment colors all of her work as she believes that the life force of the Sacred Feminine reflects back to us our true divine nature. Once we accept our own divinity, we will heal and be able to further extend our hearts to heal the planet. Jill's intimate connection with all aspects of Mother Goddess, the Archangels, and the Ascended Masters, supports her intuitive gift as a channel and spiritual counselor.

Wherever one might be on their spiritual path, Jill's heart-centered approach, divine connection, and joyful spirit, assists to support and nurture those on their journey toward enlightenment and perfect health.

Jill holds a Master's degree in Business Administration with additional study in psychology. She currently teaches metaphysical and personal development classes at the Rhama Center of the Healing Arts and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. As an ordained Minister, Jill enjoys performing marriage and commitment ceremonies in East Tennessee.

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