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Jenne Perlstein

"Psychic Viewpoint" April 10th, 2014

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Jenne Perlstein has a passion for the psycho-spiritual. In addition to her professional course of study, she has studied and participated in Kabbalah at the advanced level for several years.

Meditation interests her, especially the sort of meditation taught by Buddhism, Wicca and the Kabbala. Wicca is just one of the diverse esoteric disciplines that Jenne has studied over the years. Jungian psychology and primal therapy also factor into her interests. These assist her intuitive skills and help her aid people by illuminating their unconscious processes, and their journey to self-awareness. Her intuition is a big deal: Jenne uses her finely-tuned intuition to tap the deeper psyche, and by doing so connects the present issues in a personís life (such as their relationships) to the client's personal life experience and family of origin. She aims to enable growth in the individualís psycho-spiritual journey.

Jenne Perlstein is a Professionally Accredited Tarot reader with the Tarot Guild of Australia, having gained this via examination and readings for the Guildís examiners in 1995.

She is also an Astrologer, having studied at the Chiron Centre in Melbourne, which takes a psychological approach, from 1997 until 2000. She studied there for 4 years, obtaining the certificate of applied astrology after 2 years, and undertaking the diploma subjects. She is a member of the Victorian Astrologersí Association (VAA). She has attended International astrological conferences and workshops, as well as regular peer group input.

Jenne sees people by appointment, and is based in East Brunswick, in Melbourne, Australia. She also offers a Counselling and Mental Health skills course for Tarot readers and Astrologers.

Among her most highly-solicited services is education. Jenne offers an array of courses designed to teach Tarot readers how to interact with their Querents better, but she also offers courses that will improve anyone's ability to relate with others.

For more information about Jenne Perlstein, please visit her website at



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