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Jeffrey Seelman

"Psychic Viewpoint" October 20, 2011

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Jeffrey Seelman has been helping individuals, families, and businesses since 1992. STARCLEAR was created to help the public understand the nature of negative emotional energies and negative spirits. Today, STARCLEAR continues to assist thousands of people each year in feeling happier & healthier, and living life to the fullest. Jeffrey is host of Starclear Radio, on the Para-X Radio Network, and also host of International Metaphysical University Radio.

Jeffrey is a teacher, psychic, and an exorcist, specializing in clearing and psychic protection. A clearing refers to the removal of negative emotional energies and negative spirits from a person or from a location. Jeffrey Seelman is also an expert on hauntings in homes and businesses, psychic ability, good ghosts such as spirit guides, curses, demonic possession, evil spirits, personal protection, and the nature of emotional energies and violence. Read a July 2010 article in Britain's Silent Voices Magazine.

Jeffrey is an internationally recognized professional psychic and exorcist, and is on the faculty of International Metaphysical University. At age 16, he began practicing Transcendental Meditation as a means to reduce stress. A practitioner of Transcendental Meditation to this day, Jeffrey now uses his psychic abilities and teaching skills to help people stop living in the past, shed their negativity, and to dispel the myths about the spirit world. Jeffrey's mission is to teach people how to protect themselves and their property from the effects of negative emotional energy and evil or unwanted spirits.

Jeffrey has been helping individuals, families, and businesses since 1992 to help the public understand the nature of negative emotional energies, good and bad spirits, psychic ability, and personal, home, and business protection.

Jeffrey has appeared on the E! Entertainment Television Documentary “13 Most Shocking Hollywood Curses”. He has been a guest on “Coast to Coast” radio show with George Noory, where he was interviewed in a three-hour solo appearance, was written about in Russia's “Pravda”, (his interview became the number one read article in Pravda, June 3-10, 2007), has also appeared on Sy-Fy Channel’s “Sightings”, where he successfully performed an exorcism on a home for the television cameras, as well as many other television and radio appearances. Jeffrey is also an instructor at International Metaphysical University and teaches a course called "The Art of Psychic Protection" He also hosts an international radio show on Saturday afternoons, host of The International Metaphysical University Radio Show, and STARCLEAR PODCAST.

For more information about Jeffrey Seelman, please visit his website at



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