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Javier Garay

"Psychic Viewpoint" December 4th, 2014

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Javier Garay is a Shamanic/energy medicine healer, who started on his spiritual journey at an early age, gifted with strong visions and Divine messages for the people around him. As a teenager he studying with a Native American Shaman in North American developing his skills to include physical, emotional, and spiritual healings on many people, directly or remotely and was quickly offering healing and energy work to the public. He has continued to help people awaken their inner light, changing the lives of all who have sought his guidance and Divine healing support.

Over the years he has manifested many other gifts, including being a Medical Intuitive, medium, psychic detective and astral traveler, as well as a Reiki Master. He works on himself to cultivate his talents and Spirit continues to bless him with new gifts every year. He understands that working in the Divine realms, talent is not about credentials, but about releasing Beliefs and Attachments, and allowing Life’s Force to Flow through us, enabling access to the inherent gifts we all possess.

Javier offers: House/Business Blessing, Shamanic Energy Readings, Spiritual Counseling, Transitional Assistance, Flowmetry, Shamanic Ceremonies, Keynote Speaker, Spiritual Minister. Javier is currently serving as a Healer and CEO for The Inner Sanctuary in Riverside California

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