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Jack Alexander

"Psychic Viewpoint" August 26, 2010

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Jack Alexander ("Golden Feather") was born into his shamanic calling. He came into the world seeing auras and having a vivid remembrance of his eternal, heavenly existence in a place he calls "Home World." Since the age of 3, he has been drawing and painting scenes of this idyllic place, a paradise with three suns and two moons.

In 1976, Jack revisited Home World for 155 vital and healthful years when he accidentally drove his motorcycle off a cliff in northern California and suffered a near-death experience (NDE). Pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital emergency ward, he remained out-of-body for close to three hours. Although many people have reported near death experiences over the years, few are comfortable enough out-of-body to have remained on "the other side" for such an extended period of time, and fewer still have the artistic ability to return painting pictures of what they know to be true about life after life.

Chief White Feather recognized Jack in 1992 as having exceptionally rare "Serpent Medicine." This gives him an inherent ability to transmute physical, mental, emotional and spiritual poisons in both himself and others. Jack spent 16 months on Water's End reservation in the high desert of Nevada, training with Chief White Feather and his wife Crawling Bear Claw as their last Caucasian shamanic initiate into the Lakota tradition. It was White Feather and Crawling Bear Claw who gave him the name Golden Feather.

Beyond this, Jack was born with the ability to see auras, the electro-magnetic energy fields that surround all animate and inanimate objects. Over the course of decades, he has become adept at identifying and interpreting the auric energy fields that emanate from rocks, plants, minerals, and animals, including humans and prenatal children. Due to this unique and unusual ability, he was initially diagnosed in infancy as being blind in both eyes. At that young age, however, he received an esoteric massage of his neck and spine from his guardian angel, "Yohiel," and began differentiating this sensibility from normal human vision. Now, as an adult, he has honed his aura-viewing skills and switches back and forth at will between these two inherent methods of perceiving.

Jack has performed spiritual awakening sessions with terminally ill hospice patients, with substance-abuse rehab clients, and with lepers in Bali, Indonesia. The more challenging the task, the more successful he seems to be at gleaning results. His artworks and faux-finishes grace renown Las Vegas Strip hotel-casinos and the homes of such recognizable celebrities as actor Dustin Hoffman and Archbishop D. Tutu of South Africa.

Shaman, intuitive, spiritual guide, visionary artist, and ordained healing minister, he specializes in the following modalities:

  • Art Therapy
  • 2012 and Beyond
  • Aura Energy Consultations
  • Color and Movement Techniques
  • Aura Energy Drawings and Portraits
  • Shamanic Trainings & Vision Quests
  • Q & A: Ask me anything
  • Spiritual Awakenings / Altered States Experiences
  • Spiritual Counseling for Individuals and Groups
  • Murals, Canvases, Faux-Finishing and Trompe L'oeil 
  • Medicine Card Life Purpose Readings (i.e., What You're Here to Do)
  • Unique Interpretations of Ancient Modalities: Tarot, Crystals, Found Objects and more

For more information about any of the above and to make contact with Jack, please visit the following websites:



Current Moon


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