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Ian Doherty

"Psychic Viewpoint" November 21st, 2013

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Ian suffered bullying and taunting as a schoolboy, due to his small size and speech impediment, and the challenges posed by these formative years helped to sculpt him into the trance medium that he is today. The Armed Forces showed Ian how to overcome his social anxieties, and gave him a rest from the barrage of spiritual contacts that assailed him. Shortly after emerging from the Army, however, the contact with the spirit world re-established itself and intensified.

Ian sought the counsel of his mother and was relieved to discover that she had experienced many of the same phenomena. Around this same time he endeavored to capture his psychic world on canvas, through the guise of fine art. Ian says that he feels a “certain empathy” with color that extended to him being able to see hues of coloring around people, moving back and forth like "masses of seaweed within the ocean depths."

This ability to spot people's auras soon deepened and intensified to the point that he started seeing spirits with complete clarity – down to the wrinkles on their faces to the buttons on their clothes to the patterns on their shoes.

Ian services Spiritualist Churches around the UK. He also demonstrates mediumship publicly at organized events and charitable occasions. He has partnered with Frightnights, the original ghost hunting company, out of an abiding love and respect for the paranormal. In his role as analyst and archiver, Ian has amassed some 5300 ghost sightings spread over nine years.

For more information about Ian Doherty, please visit his website at

For your convenience, we are listing Ian's book that is available at Be sure to pick up one or more copies of this fascinating book right now to read for yourself or to give as a thoughtful gift.



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