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Heidi Goodrich

"Psychic Viewpoint"

09/25/2014:  Listen (left click)    Download (right click/save)

02/09/2012:  Listen (left click)    Download (right click/save)

Those who know Heidi best would describe her as a person who has devoted her life to athletic excellence. As a child, she was singled out by trainers for her skills in gymnastics and started specialized training with the Olympics in sight. Fifth grade came around and she suddenly discovered an intense interest in soccer after playing with the boys at recess. That was the beginning of over 25 years of quite an amazing journey of travel teams, college and semi-professional competition. Living her life for sports naturally cultivated a curiosity and desire of wanting to understand the body in movement. This led Heidi to completing a BA in Kinesiology followed by extensive graduate studies in Sport Psychology. The powerful combination of approaching athletics through a mind / body connection, gifted her with a successful career of helping hundreds of athletes develop high levels of performance.

What is less known, is a separate journey that was just as intense and demanding as Heidi's toughest days as an athlete. Although her athletic career was filled with much success, she simultaneously dealt with dark seasons of pain that started in childhood, which fostered many emotional challenges as she grew older. Her life was wonderful and horrible all at the same time for many years. Around 17 years old, she became committed to studying, reading and experiencing all the modalities of healing possible. She was determined to find spiritual and emotional freedom. Now, 20 years later, she feels the best she has ever felt! It is to that end that she now joins those who would help share and companion others to find a greater freedom and empowerment in their own lives. Your life is your design, make it a powerful one!



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