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Greg Stewart

"Psychic Viewpoint" February 14th, 2013

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Greg Stewart had his first confirmed mediumistic experience shortly before going to visit John of God's Casa de Dom Ignacio in Brazil in 2003. On the first day Greg arrived at the Casa, the spirit of King Solomon chose him to sit in the current room and help with the healings. Later that same day, members of the Casa confirmed Greg's mediumship and told him that he had healing energy and that he was a "Son of the Casa." While "sitting in current," Greg was given a meditation directly from the spirits that he shares with Brazilian Spiritual Healing circles to help provide the necessary energy for trance mediumship and healing.

After Greg returned from his first trip to Brazil, he held healing events in the Virginia and Washington, DC area where attendees reported various spiritual phenomena, including what is known as "slaying of the spirit." During this time, Greg was the owner of "The Inn & Spa at Berkeley Springs" (currently known as "The Country Inn & Spa"). It was this spa that provided Greg a platform and enabled his passion to learn and work with alternative energy healing and the "Crystal Bed" that he had brought back from the Casa in Brazil.

In 2004, Greg began his study of Spiritism and was asked to sit with a group of Brazilian Spiritist mediums who had organized the United States Spiritist Council in Bethesda, Maryland. Greg also helped to translate and produce numerous audio CD's in his voice for the world renowned Brazilian medium, Divaldo Franco. Also in 2004, Greg attended the World Spiritist Congress in Paris, France and was asked to say a few words and address the crowd of approximately 1,500 attendees.

Greg has lectured on spirituality at Spiritualist Churches and Spiritist Centers in Brazil and the United States; however, his primary mission is healing. Greg is a conscious trance medium and will often remember many details of the work. Greg has studied Reiki and Pranic Healing and has taken numerous classes offered by Spiritualist churches and Spiritist Centers. Greg is also ordained as a minister by the "Universal Life Church" and practices "laying on of hands" as a direct result of his religious and spiritual beliefs.

In 2011, Greg and his wife, Thania co-founded "Brazilian Spiritual Healing," under the direction of the spirit, Dr. Bezerra de Menezes who once lived as a physician in Brazil. Their work is of a religious and spiritual nature and is non-denominational, open to all beliefs. There are numerous spirits that participate in their group, including some spirits from John of God's Casa in Brazil.

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