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Gerry Gavin

"Psychic Viewpoint" August 30th, 2012

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For over twenty years, Gerry Gavin has been working as a Communication and Empowerment Specialist, helping individuals to reach their full potential by teaching them how to listen to their body, mind and spirit. He does this through a combination of modern day alternative therapeutic techniques, coupled with ancient shamanic practices.

He is a workshop facilitator, speaker, life coach, medium and creator of the very successful Angels and Shamans workshop, which puts participants in direct communication with their angels and guides.

He utilizes many different techniques that have been utilized by “Shamans”…the healers and priests of tribal people almost since the dawn of time. All of it is rooted in intuition and communication. His work is very grounded and his approach is very down to earth. His mission is to closely honor the ancient teachings, but to frame them in a way that modern society will best understand. For that reason he uses a professional title that speaks directly to his specialties. He helps people to communicate with their body…with their mind and with their soul, and sometimes, with the souls of others. If your body has pain…it is talking to you. If your mind can’t focus, or be still, or if it’s locked in thoughts of regret, resentment or addiction, then it is talking to you. If you feel that there has to be something more to life and you just can’t figure out what you are supposed to be doing with your life…then your soul is talking to you. He can help you to discover what your body, mind and soul is trying to tell you and can teach you how to listen and how to talk back.

Gerry lives on a small horse farm in New Jersey, with Gail, David, Wyatt, Annie and about thirty other wonderful farm critters.

For more information about Gerry, please visit his website at

For your convenience, we are listing Gerry's book available at Be sure to pick up one up to read for yourself or to give as a thoughtful gift.


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