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Georgia Vlahos

"Psychic Viewpoint" January 5, 2012

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Georgia Vlahos has been studying and counseling others in Reiki Healing, Crystal, Sound and Chakra Therapy, and Soul Astrology/Relationship Compatibility for over 18 years.

Her soul purpose is to help others discover their true life path and thus experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from true self-knowledge. She is a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Method, Medicine Buddha Reiki, and Heart Reiki, Karuna Ki and Beyond, and a Certified Crystal, Sound and Chakra Therapist. She is also a Certified Starfire Animal Healing and Communication Practitioner.

More recently, she has been exploring her natural Shamanic tendencies and integrating Shamanic practices and nature healing into her personal work and classes.This interest has blossomed into the Earth Cycles classes, which are designed to bring people back into the natural rhythms of nature, to understand the creatures who also inhabit this planet and to use the natural "medicine" that is all around us. She completed a year's study of A Journey of Initiation Around the Sacred Wheel studying the teachings of the sacred relationships of the Shamanic and wisdom traditions of earth-centered cultures through Sacred Circles Institute. She has integrated Shamanic healing techniques into her healing practice.

Personal healing is long term process that results from the application of many holistic healing methods, including healing of body, mind and spirit. On her own personal healing journey, Georgia has studied and utilized many other disciplines, including body work, psychic phenomena, herbalism, Astrology, Tarot, Runes and other divination tools, crystal healing, chakra balancing and therapy, aromatherapy, Bhakti Yoga, meditation, sound therapy; traditional psychology at the University for Humanistic Studies, and counseling, regression therapy, psychodynamics, spiritual emergency and voice dialogue at Gateway University.

Georgia received her first Reiki attunement in 1993 and has been a certified Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Method since early 1997. She is qualified to teach and pass attunements in Usui Reiki, Levels 1, 2,3, Karuni Ki Reiki, Medicine Buddha Reiki and Sacred Flames Reiki as well as offer healing treatments and Reiki/Meditation Circles. She has integrated many of the original Japanese Reiki techniques into her classes. It is her belief that Reiki is a serious spiritual practice, as well as a healing modality. She also completed her Crystal, Sound and Chakra Therapist Certifications which blend well with Reiki energy healing.

Soul Astrology is a simple pathway to discover the soul's purpose. Ultimate self-knowledge is the awareness that everything is connected, all is one, and from there comes personal and earth healing. After self knowledge, understanding the relationships in your life are essential to completing your soul's purpose. Relationship compatibility astrology is essential for all the major relationships in your life, including romantic, business, friendship and familial.

She is deeply concerned about the future of planet Earth and all the creatures that live upon it. One of her goals in her lifetime is to open as many eyes and hearts as possible to the beauty and unity that resides in everything upon this planet.

Facilitating classes and helping others to reach their full soul potential is a life mission for Georgia. She currently teaches Earth Cycles, Shamanic Techniques, Usui Reiki, Levels I, II, III, and Crystal, Sound and Chakra Therapy and gives Soul Astrology/Relationship compatibility consultations in Poway, California and various metaphysical centers.

For more information about Georgia Vlahos, please visit her web page...


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