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Geoff Faulkner

"Psychic Viewpoint" February 27th, 2014

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Geoff Faulkner was born in the post-war countryside of Cheshire, England. His first vivid memory was of a dramatic near death experience (NDE). In the mid-fifties Geoff moved to Canada where he spent his formative years and started his career in law enforcement. He remembers his sixth birthday was spent on the mid Atlantic on a ship and this experience grounded him to feel he was already at that age, capable of looking after himself.

He worked for the BC Government on the Alaska Highway. for three years in enforcement with the Canadian Ministry of Transportation. His first UFO sighting was in 1997 in Canada under the illustrious tail of Hale Bop. The memory he has was that of this craft going north to the Yukon. His description of this UFO was that of a rotating multicoloured light array.

Geoff began channeling extra terrestrials or what the community terms as 'ETs' ( pronounced Etees ) ten yrs ago, He was directed to not share any of the information for a further eight years. He adhered to this recommendation and only began sharing his stories over the last two years.

Geoff has encountered over 40 ET Species in his channeling and dream states. A group of extra terrestrials called the Pleadians are the core of his contact. He also likes to analyze ET languages, many of which he remembers from sleep and trance states. His description is of a primarily language of clicking sounds, which can occasionally morph into English. His studies have led him to conclude that some of the tribal languages are ET influences, such as the nearly extinct San Bushmen in western Africa, and he believes some of these language origins came from mingling between ET and humans.

Geoff has spoken publicly on my NDEs and his visions in Canada, the USA and the UK. The response he has received has been overwhelming and this has motivated him to also speak publicly on this subject.

Living in the protective shadow of Mount Shasta, California, Geoff sees UFOs on a regular basis. Mount Shasta is known for its UFO activity. His theory in brief encompasses the idea that ETs are our brothers and sisters with their good and not so good points. He has noted there are two main divisions in their social structures, with like us are the light and dark energies. He receives his messages through dream states and telepathy.

Geoff has always had abilities since a child being very open to the notion of growing up with Spirits sitting on his bed at night and being highly psychic he has precognitive visions. He had two near death experiences and these played a great role in awakening him to where he is now. He feels he had what he termed a 'Direct Divine Contact' in October of 1999. In addition his belief and an additional visitation from spirit of Christ enhanced all of his abilities overnight. He could read thoughts, he was extremely accurate and became more so as he trusted his source and became more comfortable with becoming clairvoyant. He is Empathic, Clairsentient, intuitive and receives Visions, at key points in time. He still does readings but right now he is concentrating on disclosure.

His defining moment was in London Ontario, where he was receiving healing energy and found himself looking at world events in the news and from his new world view understood the messages and events and interpreted them as ET messages, which he could then predict.

Geoff mainly is now giving talks on his experiences and is now networking with MUFON and will be appearing worldwide at events all through 2014. His inspiration by the ETs are only surpassed by his eighteen horses, mostly all Registered Quarter Horses and his new found passion, Appaloosa Horses. Having recently purchased his main Appaloosa Stallion, he feels having horses have taught him to be a better man. They taught him to listen and to save the talking for interviews. He feels that animals, just like the ETs understand everything we say to them and vice versa and this benevolent and patient world view is what he wishes to share.


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