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Gary Shook

"Psychic Viewpoint" November 6th, 2014

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My spiritual journey began for all the wrong reasons and is not at all typical. In the late 80's my marriage of 11 years had fallen apart and I had just gone through a divorce. After 11years of marriage I was feeling a lack of confidence at finding a new relationship. I had the (not so) brilliant idea of learning to do tarot readings, thinking this was a good way to not only meet women but to find out something about them at the same time. As I often say, sometimes you reach the right destination even when you set out for the wrong one. Thankfully this "idea" was short lived and never actually put into practice. What actually transpired was that after buying a deck and a few books I became fascinated with the world of the tarot. This beginning has led to a 27 year journey of spiritual fulfillment.

My involvement in the tarot led to my religious path by chance. While going to a local metaphysical shop looking for new decks and books I saw a sign posted for a beginning wicca course. Thinking it might be fun and interesting I took it and have never looked back. After training with the Druidic Craft of the Wise in America through two degrees I branched out on my own, starting the Ecclasian Fellowship. Ecclasia is a large group founded on two basic principles, to teach the Craft to those who seek it and to provide our local community with public rituals and spiritual support. Ecclasia has teaching covens in multiple states and has grown into a recognized tradition in its own right.

Nothing I do on my spiritual path is done for profit. I do not charge for any of my classes nor do try to cultivate a client base for my readings. I do consider myself a tarot professional and feel that reading tarot for money is up to each individual. That being said, I also feel that working as a professional reader comes with a responsibility and ethical mandate that if not understood can lead to a slippery slope towards unethical practices. My own professional practice is focused more on reading at large events and parties and not on individual clients.

I have published two books on the tarot, "Introduction to the Tarot" which is an outgrowth of my teaching program and written for the new reader, and "The Esoteric Tarot - The Symbology of the Rider-Waite major arcana". I have also served as a monthly columnist for New Moon Rising a pagan publication writing their tarot section.



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