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Dr. Sally Rhine Feather

"Psychic Viewpoint" November 4, 2010

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As the eldest daughter of Dr. J.B Rhine, the "father of ESP research," Dr. Feather practically grew up at the Parapsychology Lab at Duke University, where her father's famous Zener ESP cards tests with selected Duke students led to "Extrasensory Perception" becoming a popular household word in America. She and her siblings served as test subjects in the earliest child ESP experiments conducted at the Lab. As a teenager, Dr. Feather's first job was serving as her father's assistant, rechecking experimental test data. †She served as a research assistant both before and after college, meeting most of the well-known parapsychologists and various visiting dignitaries who came through the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory.

After obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Dr. Feather returned to her father's laboratory to work on experiments exploring possible ESP exhibited by animals, as well as research into the relationship between memory and ESP and the effect of emotional moods on psychokinesis (mind over matter).

She subsequently went on to earn a Doctorate in Experimental Psychology from Duke University. Dr. Feather then worked over 30+ years as a clinical psychologist in mental health and psychiatric clinics as well as private practice in North Carolina and New Jersey. Since 1995 she has been active at the Rhine Research Center in various administrative roles, serving on two different occasions as volunteer Executive Director. Currently she is working on a research grant on the phenomenology of spontaneous psychokinesis (PK) experiencers.She founded the Psychic Experience Group (PEG) at the Rhine Research Center which functions as a support group allowing people who have had spontaneous psychic experiences to meet and share those experiences without fear of ridicule or judgment. In her PEG group, she has heard hundreds of remarkable stories, told by sincere and honest people, describing unusual and often disconcerting psychic experiences.

Dr. Feather recently was honored and received the Parapsychological Associationís 2010 Outstanding Career Award.

Although The Gift: ESP is her first book, Dr. Feather is a frequent guest on local and national radio and TV shows dealing with the subject of ESP. To contact Dr. Feather please visit Rhine Research Center where she is Executive Director.

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