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David M. Baker

"Psychic Viewpoint" November 7th, 2013

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David M. Baker is a Psychic Medium, a Published Author, Spiritual Teacher, Producer and Host for “Beyond the Gate Radio” on Blog Talk David was born with the psychic precognitive ability and can also see spirits and ghosts. David served seven years in the military, worked for the federal government for a couple of years and did almost twenty years as a deputy sheriff working in jails. When he found out that the jails were haunted and starting having experiences with ghosts he started research which led him to take courses to study mediumship which led to him becoming a professional medium.

David's specialities lie in psychic work, mediumship and assessing possession with clients that claim to be, or know of persons that are. His work in this field has been supported by a division of the Catholic Church, known as the United States Old Catholic church. Every query is passed through this order in an organized manner and David has been witness to a few exorcisms.

Much of the his work was learned from from the Roman Catholic Church, (like the Rite of Exorcism), and from known Demonologists and other sources. David believes almost every religion if not all, be it Catholicism, Judaism, or Buddhism, has some form of exorcism rite in its doctrines. Exorcism is a series of ancient prayers used for the casting out of demons.

Much of his work focused on a type of healing of the offending spirit - he will connect with the spirits psychological state and talk with it, to ascertain what it needs. For example, he is going to be doing an investigation of Alcatraz. Being courted by radio, film producers and his doting clients, Davids strength lies in his belief of peace for both the suffering spirit, and the client.

He has worked and studied with a lot of the biblical lore on demon possession, and has an intimate knowledge of the various Christian angel and demon hierarchies, and their internal political struggles. This story, like many is the story of how guardians and angels became oppressed by the rejected angels that came to hate god for being rejected, thus turning them into demons. This age old story of jealousy is the foundation from which the Christian religious thinking emerged, the story of the higher and lower orders looking for approval from God, and either being rejected or coveted, heaven became a place of dissent with ousted angels coming to possess the humans as a display of their strength over God and each other.

As a medium, David communicates with the spirit world using the ability of Clairvoyance and Claircognizance. As a psychic, David can see into a person’s past, present and possible future. David’s book “The Spirit Garden, A Medium’s Journey” is his biography and tells how he came to be a professional medium. When he has time, David also teaches mediumship and psychic development. With years of experience and as a researcher, he has a vast knowledge base – many people come to him for questions and advice such as paranormal organizations, other mediums and psychics as well as beginners. David has been invited on radio hundreds of times and has done over three thousand readings as a psychic medium. He has been interviewed on radio, and written about in newspaper and magazine articles. As the host of his radio show “Beyond the Gate Radio”, he has weekly shows with guests of the spiritual/paranormal/metaphysical genre.

For more information about David M. Baker, please visit his website at

For your convenience, we are listing David's book that is available at Be sure to pick this one up to read for yourself or to give as a thoughtful gift.



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