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Dale Spencer Weeks

"Psychic Viewpoint"

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Dale Spencer Weeks is a Psychic Numerologist. His desire to help and be of service to others has always been a constant thread in his life. Dale was born and raised in Boston, MA, and attended elementary and high school in Brookline, MA. While a student at Barrington College in RI, he studied the ministry before changing course to study acting at Rhode Island College. Following his dream, Dale moved to New York City and attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, hence becoming a working actor. This move was fruitful garnering him appearances in commercials and on several Soap Operas, notably, "One Life to Live."

After a period of soul-searching, his best friend, Maria, suggested that he needed to go to Europe to expand his consciousness through travel. Once making his decision, while walking, a plum fell off of the top of a fruit pile in a fruit stand they were passing, and rolled and hit him on his left ankle. He scooped it up without missing a stride, wiped it off, took a bite, offered a bite to his friend, and accepted the plum as confirmation his decision was the right one.

After a year of travel, he arrived back in the states a new person. He went on to attend Graduate school for three years, at Rutgers University, in New Brunswick, NJ, where in his first year he was allowed to obtain his BA while simultaneously studying for his MFA.

Upon completing Graduate School, Dale was blessed with securing a supporting role in the National tour of the Pulitzer Prize winning play, No Place To Be Somebody, with the writer/director Charles Gordone, starring Philip Michael Thomas, and Artonio Fargas.

A few years later Dale became the owner of two incredible Juice and Wellness cafes located within the Equinox fitness health clubs in New York City. He continued to study and practice numerology for himself, and he would occasionally offer his services to those who asked.

When he closed his establishments after ten years, Dale literally found himself at a cross roads. After months of prayer, and "soul searching, his path became clear to him, after a chance meeting of a friend, who asked him to do a numerology reading for her. This reading transcended all of the readings he had done before. His gift of divination and understanding of the spiritual nature of number vibrations had transformed into clairvoyance. Future readings not only involved the fundamentals of numerology, but he was able "see" spirit guides, see and hear messages from love ones who have past, insights into future and present events involving family, career, and health became clear in his "sight". One of his clients affectionately labeled him a "seer" and a "wizard".

Dale has been able to meld his psychic gifts with his deep understanding of numbers and their influences in our existence, to offer a truly unique" Life Reading".

His readings are two hour live voice recordings, "My Voice To Your Ears". This unique format is loved by his clients. They are able to download the reading to their computer or any other device, which allows them to listen repeatedly over the years. Then a very in depth one-two hour psychic follow- up session by phone or in person is conducted. Each individual reading takes on its own form and direction. "I also see people one on one, if they desire".

My mission is to offer my psychic insights with honesty, integrity, and straightforward truthfulness.

For more information about Dale Spencer Weeks, please visit his websites at and



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