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Colette Baron-Reid

"Psychic Viewpoint" March 17, 2011

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Colette was born in Toronto, Canada to parents with mixed ethnicities: Polish, French, Serbian, and Mongolian. She attended the elite private girl’s school Havergal College in Toronto from pre-school through senior year. She then attended a French language summer intensive in Lausanne, Switzerland at the University of Lausanne. As a student of law she attended Carlton University in Ottawa and completed summer courses in St. Catharine’s Brock University.

Choosing to drop out of university she pursued a career in music as a singer- songwriter and played the Toronto music circuit until she decided to give up the live aspect of performing. She was now 34 and decided to concentrate on a fall-back career as an intuitive counselor, telling people to not bother trying to book another reading as she was a singer'songwriter and she could get signed at any moment.

As part of her intuitive career, Colette joined forces with her friend Deenah Mollin, and songwriter Mars Lasar, and produced what would become one of the top seliing meditation CDs in Canada - Journey Through The Chakras. She went on to record two CDs of original songs for EMI Music Canada.

Concurrently, while working her way through her desire to become a recording artist, her gifts as an intuitive became extremely accute. Her interest in the healing arts became a true calling at the age of 27 when she began exploring her work as a healer and intuitve counselor. She has been certified in aromatherapy massage, reiki levels 1 and 2, polarity balancing, holotropic-breathwork, and re-birthing. She is a teacher of metaphysics and an expert in ancient divination systems as well as a best-selling author of modern forms of the same. Colette has also spent 22 years immersing herself in the study of all forms of psychology; spiritual, transpersonal and Jungian in order to best assist her clients.

Although Colette experienced many episodes of intuitive phenomena—precognitive dreams, retro-cognition (knowing details of someone’s past) and spontaneous knowing since early childhood, Colette’s work as an intuitive began professionally in 1988. Her work as an aromatherapist opened her up to personal details of clients that were uncanny and accurate, as physical contact enabled Colette to intuit their physical illnesses and psychological patterns. Very quickly people began to make appointments to talk to her rather than book for massage. Through word of mouth, Colette gained a following that spanned 29 countries.

Today she is a best selling Hay House author with a number of popular books and products; Remembering The Future – The Path To Recovering Intuition, Messages From Spirit – The Extraordinary Power of Oracles, Omens and Signs, The audio program-- More Messages From Spirit. She has created two original divination systems: The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards, and Wisdom of The Hidden Realms oracle cards. Her third book is due spring 2011.

For more information or to make contact with Concetta please visit her website at

For your convenience, we are listing Colette's books & offerings that are available at Be sure to pick up one or more of these fascinating books right now to read for yourself or to give as a thoughtful gift.



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