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Christopher Joyner

"Psychic Viewpoint" September 16th, 2010

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I was born to this world a half a century ago on August 2nd, and started life as Christopher B. Joyner, born in Arlington, Texas with a southern Baptist upbringing. After twenty eight years of a troubled life; a young man found himself an ordained Christian Minister in need of answers. The universe in its gracious wisdom blessed me by introducing me, a Christian Pastor, to a wonderful Rabbi who told me of Kabbalah.

My spiritual journey began from there. I travelled the world, and ended up in Tel Aviv, Israel studying Kabbalah with the Rabbi Eliahu Ovrad. At thirty-three, I converted to Judaism and studied at the Ash Torah Yeshevah in Jerusalem, Israel.

I, Christopher Joyner, am a new being made anew by Israel and its ancient mystical wisdom. I am now known to many as the Rabbi Yeshuah Beruch Ben Avraham. My mission is to bring into light the knowledge of Kabbalah, expressed to aid all peoples of this world; to help humanity to evolve beyond its prejudices. become whole, complete, and empowered with the resonance of the light!

I have four beautiful children whom I love very much, am single with strings, have a big heart and am one who enjoys nature; living in nature to be exact. My work takes me through the United States, traveling to aid the people the universe directs me to help. My work involves empowering people to uplift them, to touch the divine through nature and all of her wonder.

I teach spiritual development and the awakening of the inborn human divine self, so that all may attune to the divine universal plan. At half a century old, I am finding so many people becoming aware, seeing life for the first time and realizing that we, the people of planet earth, must find a way to coexist or doom ourselves to extinction.

I believe it is my duty to help humanity evolve by teaching Kabbalah to all people who are ready to receive their divine birthright and know the path of true peace for all.



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