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Christa L. Pynn

"Psychic Viewpoint" February 28th, 2013

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Christa Pynn started on her quest, becoming a student of astrology and learning to use the tools of this incredible ancient science. It changed her life in such a positive way and drew her closer to The Creator ,in her own words; "As I know him". I always had, what I call, a "knowing," now I know, when the sun was rising, the moment I was born, it was in Pisces, not only the sun, but the moon was also in Pisces. Having a name for this gift, gives my analytical Virgo brain some relief.” She knew that Virgos have to, not only know that things do work, but how do they work. Astrology was actually fun for her and it gave that side of her, a place to go. It also helped her embrace the powerful influence of Pisces which she likened to book ends, soothing her sun. Having such a strong Pisces influence, she struggled with “The rose colored glass” syndrome. Seeing the good in everyone and wanting to see people be the best they can be, can be a blessing and a curse. You may ask, “why a curse?” Well, not seeing peoples intentions has put me in many difficult situations, my heart is very open and has been very hurt at times. Using astrology as a tool, helped here to see people for who they are. Not necessarily judging them any harsher, but protecting herself from relationships and situations that might be harmful to her.

Christa has spent her whole life working with people and animals. She has been a a natural horsewoman for 25 years, communicating with horses and teaching others how to have this magical experience, as well. And having been a student of life she now has an understanding of the Universe that makes this ride a little less bumpy. Her goal is to share her knowledge and gift of teaching with you. Her chart readings are custom designed to meet the unique needs of each of her clients. Being a student of astrology is a life long commitment and I am on board. She focuses on helping you understand your unique gifts and how they play out in your relationships with both people and animals. Christa has made a video series to help you get to know her and her very special blend of healing work.

At 44,Christa has lived through a few cycles in life. She had always been drawn to the deeper things in life, and her faith had always been very important to her, but something was missing. I felt like, she was in a rip tide, swimming against the current. In 2007. She went through a radical life change. Being a Virgo Sun, and having Virgo in Saturn, She was in a tornado, , everything around her was changing, but more than that, she was changing. She didn’t even recognize the person she was inside, and those closest to her didn’t either. She remembered feeling like a passenger on the Titanic, knowing the boat was going down, but would I survive? Well she did survive and on the other end of my personal journey, she discovered that there is intricate rhythms of energy and influences going on behind the scenes. She moved full force into her healing work with animals using her skill and compassion with astrology to bring peoples lives into focus through the incredible bonds between them and their therapy animals.

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