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Rev. Charlene Hicks

"Psychic Viewpoint"

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This Georgian treasure has a long list of achievements adorning her CV from becoming the teacher of the first accredited course in Astrology at Columbus College to being the youngest person to ever receive a professional certification from the City of Atlanta, and everything in between. She has been a columnist for a half-dozen publication, appeared on countless talk shows and worked for the very first psychic hotline company in 1992.

On March 3, 2007 Rev. Hicks was featured in "Psychic to Deliver Sermon" about her sermon at Unity Church in the Tuscaloosa Newspaper. On June 1, 2007 she written up in the Montgomery Advertiser in "Psychic Claims to Have Helped Solve Cold Cases". In 2009 she was contacted by A&Es Psychic Investigators about her work in locating Julie Loves body with the GBI in the summer of 1989. In 2004 with The Stockbridge Fire Department she helped located a mans body in Lake Spivey when seven divers looking for fourteen days could not. In October 2010 she described Gerardo Hernandez the killer of 61-year-old Maria Gloria Galvan De Rivera to her grand-daughter in a trance session two days after her death and confirmed that he would be caught very soon. She described the details of how she was killed and later was confirmed in the autopsy. She also described what he looked like and his age and that he would be caught very soon. From the date of the reading he was apprehended within four weeks.

She has appeared on Fox Files News five times since March 2011 for her predictions. She is a monthly columnist for The Hub Newspaper covering Johns Creek and Alpharetta withAstrological Aspects. Currently, Rev. Hicks is working on her latest book called: "Growing up Psychic in the South".

For more information about Reverend Charlene Hicks, please visit her website at



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