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Celeste Oliver

07/03/2012:  Listen (left click)    Download (right click/save)

04/07/2011:  Listen (left click)    Download (right click/save)

What Celeste has learned by doing this is, souls have things to do on the other side and someone you were hoping to contact on a particular day just might not be around that day. Often, who comes through is who needs to come through the most. She's had readings where someone was popping in to say hi, and it's done relatively quickly, and she's had some that required more time and energy to encourage the Spirit to communicate. One memorable day, Feb.13, 2010, she channeled an elementary school friend of her client, from 30 years previously. The client was quite shocked; she'd all but forgotten about the girl who died from diabetes.

In 2011 at the New Hope Expo, she read for a young woman and got a pins and needles feeling in her right temple. She saw a tall young man in a school hallway by a row of windows and he was something of an awkward sort of guy, but nice. She told her client right off that she went to high school with someone who died. She said she was in school in California and there was a random shooting in the school and a teacher and one of her friends -- a socially-awkward basketball player -- had been a victim. Not once did Celeste get an inkling of the Spirit her client hoped to communicate with. That Spirit didn't need to come in that day, but this young man did.

Celeste gets who she gets, and this is a big part of what makes her accurate, reliable and most of all, honest.

Celeste has always been aware of her psychic gift. During childhood, her father explained to Celeste that her aunts (the Fox sisters) gave rise to modern Spiritualism many years earlier. One year ago, Celeste acknowledged that her natural psychic ability and spiritual progress had risen to new heights. Celeste is honored to extend her spiritual development and to continue her work with the blessing of her aunts Kate and Maggie Fox.

Celeste has a highly-attuned affinity for psychometry and possesses an uncanny ability to remote view people’s homes with laser-like detail. In a recent public reading, Celeste described her client’s bedroom and a photo of her grandmother on the dresser to the left of the bed. She also saw a door in the wall to the right of the bed. Unbeknownst to her client, there had been a door in that wall years ago before the house was remodeled.



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