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Bruce Manaka

"Psychic Viewpoint" June 7th, 2012

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Hi, my name is Bruce Manaka. I lived for 19 years in a monastery of East Indian tradition. In July of 2001, shortly before the horrors of 9-11, I left the “safety” of the monastic life, driving out into a world I had little understanding of. The ensuing years were a roller coaster ride of learning to survive in the world. Since then, I authored the book, Flights of a Runaway Monk, which describes the difficult process of leaving behind a lifestyle and belief system that I was a part of for almost two decades. It also describes how I learned to connect and dialog with the guidance (the Inner Shaman) that lovingly and powerfully made its presence known.

As I learned to trust what I was being shown, I came to understand the importance of the energy component in creativity as well as in my own health issues. When I gave myself permission to deeply feel and connect with the flow of energy within that seemed to want to express outwardly, I found myself creating artistically in ways I never dreamed possible.

Since leaving the monastery, I have married and relocated to Northern California, where my wife, Patty, and I have been putting on special sound healing events for groups. We use quartz crystal singing bowls combined with my overtone chanting to create dynamic vibratory environments that uplifts everyone present. I also meet individually with those who request private sessions.

For more information about Bruce Manaka, please visit his website at

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