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Billy Roberts

"Psychic Viewpoint" June 21st, 2012

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Billy founded "The Billy Roberts Paranormal Study Centre," in the now famous Penny Lane in Liverpool. This was visited by students from all over the world. Although the centre has now closed, Billy still travels all over the world lecturing in universities and colleges where his extensive knowledge of the paranormal and metaphysical subjects is much sort after.

Billy has always been regarded as an extremely radical medium whose work in the early days was greatly opposed by the different fractions of the Spiritualist movement. He has always stood by his beliefs, and although he has extremely strong views about the paranormal and the occult, his wealth of knowledge does make him stand out from his peers.

For the past two years, Billy and Ciaran O’Keeffe, parapsychologist off the television programme, "Most Haunted," have been jointly working on a book entitled "The Great Paranormal Clash," to be published in July 2008 by Apex Publications. Although the two are good friends, and come from very different backgrounds, their combined efforts have culminated into an excellent read for all those interested in the paranormal.

The Scientist and the Clairvoyant is truly a battle of minds, and a book that simply must be read. The two friends have created a stage show based on the concept of the book, and this is due to be staged on Broadway, New York, in 2008, as well as the East End of London.

For more information about Billy, please visit his website at

For your convenience, we are listing Billy's book that ise available at Be sure to pick up this fascinating book right now to read for yourself or to give as a thoughtful gift.



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