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Angela Nicastro

"Psychic Viewpoint" April 14, 2011

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Angela is a uniquely gifted healer, spiritual counselor, sought after speaker and visionary for personal and global transformation. Since childhood, Angela has been aware of her unusual insights, visions and “other-worldly” senses, while learning to live her life walking with a foot in two worlds, often playing and frolicking with the fairies while simultaneously interacting in the physical world. Evolving over many years this heightened state of abstract awareness allows Angela to help others discover and live their highest potential through her own form of Alchemic Transformational Healing and Organic Astrological insight.

Blending together Science, Spirituality and Psychic Awareness, Angela naturally "reads" the Genetically Encoded Language of the DNA, viewing and interpreting the experiences of each Soul from the past, present and future. This uncanny insight allows her sessions to be facilitated with powerful depth while encouraging individuals to expand awareness with truth and indigenous knowledge using the energy of language to interconnect and reveal the divine design and soul blueprint as held within each of us. This transformational process allows the true meaning of who we really are to emerge organically with conscious awareness and evolution. Her work is bringing forth the unknown to the known and designed to equip each individual with the energetic support, tools, skills and knowledge so critically needed as we move through these most important and rapidly changing times.

Angela's deeply expansive connection to Source has created a new depth of commitment to support the conscious expansion and evolution of humanity. She is creator and host of the internet TV show "Into The Void…..Uncensored" with Angela Nicastro, 'The Intelligent Choice for Change in the New Times.'

Her show covers different aspects of our expansion into the new paradigm of living as we move deeper into the natural shift of the Ages. She has the ability to speak on a myriad of topics always retaining a connection to the core truth of our shared interdimensionality.

Angela has recently started "The Conscious Expansion Network", as a means to distribute the powerful information and activations she is passionately able to channel and impart, as well as, a connection point for those who are searching for the information and the remembrance of who they are and what part they play in the overall plan of a world awakening.

Angela continues to facilitate private sessions for her clients in addition to the cutting edge workshops and seminars she channels for all who wish to expand and experience the wholeness of truth. The uniqueness of Angela allows her to maintain close personal relationships with her clients while immersing herself in the vastly expansive and deeply changing Void of Universal Energies. Comfortably blending together her own personal and transpersonal journey, Angela is a Master Teacher who has come to enlighten humanity to their greatest potential of infinite love and consciousness in body, while facilitating real and valuable platforms for growth, freedom and creative expression.

Original and refreshing, Angela embodies the culmination of wisdom and experience brought through the languages of Light, Frequency and Evolutionary Truth that is her work, her Joy and her Countenance in this incarnation. Here to Celebrate Love, she invites each to experience this joy within the expansion of their own unique Personal Journey, uncovering vast multitides of treasures hidden inside the hearts of each along the way, so that each may continue to discover and embrace these newly found expressions of Love within.

For more information or to make contact with Angela Nicastro, please visit her website at


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