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Angela McGhee

"Psychic Viewpoint" July 18th, 2013

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Angela is the star of a world wide television series with Psychic Investigators a Real life Detective thriller and documentary series about actual crimes that are solved through the unlikely combination of hi-tech Detective work and the paranormal power of a Psychic.

Psychic Investigators presents the challenge of explaining the inexplicable; and for believers and non believers the confirmation of a mysterious world beyond observable fact.

In one of her episodes:

Land lord and Pub owner Mick Hughes is brutally attacked in his living quarters above his bar, He bleeds to death and is found by employers 48 hours later. Psychic Angela Mcghee visits the scene of the crime and experiences strong visions. She sees three men entering Mick's quarters via the fire escape, the attack and three suspects fleeing the building. Mick's spirit also tells Angela that he knows one of his killers. Exiting the Pub Angela has a terifying feeling-- she knows the young man serving drinks behind the bar is involved in the brutal crime. The Police haven't gained enough evidence to make an arrest but take a chance and visit Angela and they are shocked at her accuracy of her visions. When the Pub is burgled again Police get the break they've been waitng for and arrest the young man working behind the bar and his two friends...

Angela had been a regular guest for three years each week on a U.S.A. based Radio show called The After Life Show with Host Shaun Valentine.This show was recorded via satelite from her home in England and was transmitted by a number of different Radio stations across the U.S. A. also transmitted globally via satalite/internet. This popular show had an audience of millions as it is was aired six nights per week.

Each week you could hear Angela callers gasp as she amazes them with communication from loved ones from the other side, reuniting the two worlds..Live on Air. Many people have witnessed very moving and heart warming messages.

For more information about Angela McGhee, please visit her website at

For your convenience, we are listing Angela's book that is available at Be sure to pick up one or more copies of this fascinating books right now to read for yourself or to give as a thoughtful gift.



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