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Anaya Barrera

"Psychic Viewpoint"

10/21/2010:  Listen (left click)    Download (right click/save)

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Anaya Barrera is a 58-year-old Mescalero-Apache Medicine Man and grandfather to three granddaughters. He currently resides in Virginia and works at Verdun Adventure Bound camp, a non-profit organization. Anaya is the Director of Native American programs there. He has worked extensively with cross-cultural chemical dependent issues, and with families of alcoholics and drug addicts.

Because of complications during his birth, these complications were interpreted as a spiritual sign by his people that Anaya should be trained as the next Medicine Man of his clan. As a result, Anaya was handed over to his grandfather's Medicine Lodge at 10 days of age to begin his training as the next Medicine Man in his family. His training was carried out in the most ancient, traditional methods through oral tradition passed down from generation to generation. His great-grandfather ran with Geronimo, and his grandfather ran with Pancho Villa. Anaya's methods of healing entail first and foremost spiritual guidance, and ancient remedies. He has lived in and amongst his ancestral people, the northern Yaqui tribe of Mexico, the Yucatan and travelled to Peru.

Anaya has an honorary Sociology degree from the University of New Mexico. He has worked with NIAAA, teaching trainers and gate-keepers on how to apply his cross-cultural Native modality for healing and for traditional alcoholism and drug addiction healing. These substances are seen as the catalyst, but not the core issue of alcoholism or drug addiction. Anaya has been an active Medicine Man for forty-one years. He is currently available to travel as his culture requires to fulfill his calling as a "Medicine Man."

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