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Allen Vaysberg

"Psychic Viewpoint" July 11th, 2013

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Allen Vaysberg Radio host, motivational speaker, coach, and author is on a mission: to help people find meaning and balance in their lives. And he's doing it not only through his radio shows and coaching, but also through prose, poetry, and song. His new book, "Inspirer" (published by Hay House subsidiary Balboa Press) is the first of a series of planned multi-media works of prose and poetry that Vaysberg hopes will help people "re-calibrate" their lives and, as he puts it, "live their true essence."

If all of that sounds a little abstract and mystical for some of the left-brained, logical types out there, Vaysberg, who has been a builder of successful information technology businesses for many years, says he understands. But he adds that he has learned the hard way that there's more to life than building businesses, and that balance is crucial for happiness.

His own life is a case in point. Vaysberg, who moved to the U.S. from the Ukraine with his parents at the age of 14, found that his many accomplishments as an IT entrepreneur and consultant - one who helped build several multi-million dollar businesses - were not enough to create a fulfilled life. "I had the successful consulting company, the nice house, the cars, the perfect family," he says. "But although I was living the American Dream, deep inside I knew something needed to change, because I felt unfulfilled." Accordingly Vaysberg set out on his own spiritual and artistic search, and in the process of learning, studying, and observing, he developed a philosophy and a system to help others on their own journeys to a more meaningful life.

Indeed, "enjoying the voyage" is a cornerstone of Allen Vaysberg's philosophy and teachings. He says, "Too many people go about the business of their daily life thinking that it doesn't get better and that it's 'just life' - and that most of the time you just don't get what you want. I say that is untrue, and I consider it my mission to help people realize just how untrue it really is, and how fulfilling their lives can really be." He adds that many people living the proverbial life of "quiet desperation" may have a vague sense that something better is possible, but they keep putting off doing anything to pursue those possibilities.

"People hesitate and procrastinate their lives away," says Vaysberg. "My motto is, 'Don't hesitate - re-calibrate!' Time is wasting, and time is precious. Life is precious. And my wish is that everyone can discover what a gift life really is."

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